Mixtape/Album: Strain Of Thought
Written by Brown Lotus, PYRO, & Mosaek.
Produced by eu-IV
Directed by Brian Winston & Morgan Vannavilaithong

Modus Operandi is latin for "Mode of Operation."  The song is meant to be a representation of the discipline we stand by in maintaining artistic integrity.  With music continuously evolving around us, it is easy to be caught up and swept away in the current trends of today's hype.  No longer are we hearing the original essence of what the artist brings to the table, but rather a carbon-copy for monetary gain or instant gratification.  We choose to paint a bigger picture.  Fueled by the sacrifice we put into the element of writing from the soul, there is a level of rawness we choose to abide by.  Hear us for who we are. We will not be shaken.
This is our mode of operation.

This is our Modus Operandi.