GOODNATURE is a collective of emcees and producers hailing straight from the West Coast Valley of Stockton, California.
Originally established in 2012 by MC, Spitz Speagle and Graphic Artist, Geo, the vision for GOODNATURE
was to stay true to the art form that appealed to their nature while learning to be good at their craft. 
Prior to the assembling of the group, each has paid their dues by performing out of the city and around their hometown,
putting out mix tape albums, and contributing to the underground hip-hop scene through the gauntlet
of elements via B-boying, Graffiti, DJing, and MCing. Individually an artist in their own rite,
each one has cultivated a style on the mic that matured over the years of skillful practice and dedication.  
Altogether, their style as a group stands on its own with a foundation rooted in what is purely raw and untouched by outside influences.